Who We Are

Stephen L. Bauer has an Engineering Degree and a background in construction. Although Kansas has no requirements for the inspection industry, he is a Licensed Professional Real Estate Inspector in the State of Texas, which has the highest standards and requirements in the Inspection Industry. Steve maintains this credential with continuing education from Texas where he was an inspector for 11 years. He was one of the first inspectors in Texas to become licensed when licensing became required by law in January of 1986. His Texas License No. is 392.

Steve has been performing Real Estate Inspections since 1985, and has performed over 10,000 fee paid inspections. Steve is also a Certified Commercial Applicator for the control of Wood Destroying Insects. Although he does not perform chemical treatments, he is certified by the Kansas Dept. of Agriculture (Cert. No. 13112) to do so, and performs unbiased termite inspections with no conflict of interest. He will not treat a house if termites are found, and will only recommend treatment if he finds it is necessary.

Steve was listed with the Environmental Protection Agency for the testing of Radon Gas in residential homes. He was certified for this testing and program in 1997. The listing program is no longer effective, but he maintains the standards for this important test. He uses a Femto-tech CRM510 continuous radon monitor, and prints a table of the hourly results for the standard 48 hour test. The Femto-tech CRM510 is considered the best short term piece of Radon testing equipment available.